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Fancy Writing A Book?

Are you a people watcher who imagines scenarios for the passersby you see? Have you had a life-changing event which has altered your perspective on life? Do you have an interesting story to tell or a vivid imagination? Or do you have a bounty of experience you would like to share with others? If so,…

By Faye Rogan April 13, 2019 0

Are You Living Your Dream?

Do you often lapse into a daydream where you are living a completely different life? Are you sick of the city rat-race and long for a life in the country? Is it your dream to live abroad? Have you always dreamed of designing and building the home of your dreams? Or do you want to turn a passion or hobby into a successful business?

By Faye Rogan March 17, 2019 0

My Top 6 Self-Help Books

I first discovered self-help books more than twenty years ago when I was training to be a Kinesiologist and fellow students were eager to share their recommendations for books which had helped them through difficult times or which they had used to develop better self-awareness. Once thought of as weird or for those of a…

By Faye Rogan February 27, 2019 0

Are You Being Pestered?

Listening to Emma Thompson talking about the recent sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood and the film industry in general, she said that her mother used the word ‘pestering’ for the inappropriate attention from men that she experienced. That’s it! That’s the word that describes the behaviour I encounter every day online. Since publishing my…

By Faye Rogan December 1, 2017 0

Finding Middle-Aged Love

Love is a joyous thing which makes your heart sing and gives everything a rosy glow. Having experienced it once, is it possible to find it again when you’re no longer a spring chicken? Did you know that women over 45 have been referred to as The Plankton Generation – that’s women who are barely…

By Faye Rogan November 5, 2017 0

Best blog list!

My website/blog is mentioned in today’s Daily Sabah newspaper in an article about the best blogs by expats in Turkey: The definitive list of expat-interest blogs on Turkey Discovering Turkey through the eyes of expats is a good starting point to have a peek inside the culture and social life of the country, so…

By Faye Rogan October 29, 2017 2

Happy Ending?

Before I begin, I’d like to clarify that the happy ending I’m going to write about is the one that happens at the end of a story and not the one in a massage parlour! I am an avid reader of romantic fiction. For me, it’s pure escapism at the end of the day and…

By Faye Rogan August 25, 2017 4

Five Types of Turkish Men

Which one is yours? The Stop-Gap He helps you get over a previous relationship, divorce, bereavement or a fallow period where you haven’t met anyone for a while. He makes you feel attractive and confident again but you know he’s not The One. He takes you out and has interesting friends but maybe lacks passion…

By Faye Rogan July 14, 2017 2