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Winner of the giveaway!

Congratulations to Rosa Ay who is the winner of my recent giveaway to celebrate the one year anniversary of ‘seeing the Truth’ being published. She wins a signed, personalised copy of ‘Seeing the Truth with matching bookmark.     Thank you to all those who entered.

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*********Giveaway!!!!!!********* To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of ‘Seeing the Truth’ being published, I am giving away 1 copy of the book & a matching bookmark. It would be the best holiday read for your summer holiday or a perfect gift for someone who loves romance & life in Turkey. Not sure? Read the 5*…

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Planning the Sequel

For long time, I hesitated about whether to write a sequel to ‘Seeing the Truth’, despite the many requests and pleas for another book to follow on the story of Kaye & Vedat. The main reason for my reluctance was that the relationship which prompted me to begin writing in the first place, is well…

By Faye Rogan May 29, 2017 1

Seven Hot Tips for the Right Relationship

Seven Hot Tips for the Right Relationship By Rosie O’Hara, Author of ‘Finding the Relationship you Deserve’. Be clear, be very, very clear Mostly in life, we concentrate on what we don’t want. We set out to avoid things. Only those really, really successful people (mostly in business oddly) concentrate on what they want and…

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Chatting with Faye Rogan

This is an interview by author A.B.Penner from a few months ago … OCTOBER 17, 2016ABPENNERAUTHOR Ah! Fall is here, or if you live in the Great White North like I do, it’s winter. So, on that note, I encourage you to pull up a seat, grab a hot drink and join me today in interviewing…

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When Ali Met Sally (Part 2)

Sally grasped the hands around her neck, feeling the gnarled knuckles and leathery skin. With every ounce of strength she could garner, she wrenched the hands away from her neck, sucking in gulps of air and staggered to her feet. Hearing a scuffling sound coming from outside, Ali appeared in the doorway of the house,…

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When Ali Met Sally (Part 1)

  Under a searing August sun, Ali’s ice cream boat puttered around the bays near Ölü Deniz.  It was mid-morning and he was still feeling the after effects of a heavy drinking session the night before. Guzzling from a bottle of water, he made his way to a tourist boat, loaded with holiday makers who…

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Arranged Marriage Anyone?

Having had a partner who had an arranged marriage at very early age and listened to his tale of woe about how it had ruined his life, dashed his dreams of a career in medicine, had a huge impact on his psychology and his view of the world, this is something that I have mixed…

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