Faye Rogan Author

Originally from Buxton, Derbyshire, in the picturesque Peak District of England, I am now an expat living in Dalyan. I have lived in Turkey for the last seventeen years, initially working at Bilkent Laboratory & International School in Ankara until I had to give up my position as the Elementary School Principal due to ill health.

I speak fluent Turkish and immerse myself in Turkish culture, enjoying an authentic life in a traditional village. I feel lucky to be living the dream in this little piece of paradise.

It was my love for a Turkish man which led me to write my debut novel “Seeing the Truth”. While the novel is a work of fiction, I drew on my own experience of a challenging relationship where the differing cultures, language barrier and religion were a constant struggle.

A keen reader of all types of fiction, I had never come across a romance novel that explored the stereotypical relationships between British women and Turkish men in depth. Through my own experience and needing a winter project to keep me occupied in a very quiet, out of season Dalyan, “Seeing the Truth” was born.

In 2018, due to many requests for a sequel, I wrote ‘Seeing It All’, which continues Kaye’s story.

If you want to know more, here is a video interview by Rachael Drury from ‘Roam the Earth’ online travel blog and vlog: