Faye Rogan


Lovin’ Turkey or is it Love in Turkey?


I’ve finally bitten the bullet and created a website! Having finished my first novel last year, I read conflicting advice about the need for authors to have websites. Lazily, I went for the ‘waste of time’ camp. However, since then I have realised the uphill struggle of marketing and selling a book and after having a break from writing, now have the urge to get my fingers tapping on the keys again but don’t want to commit to another book just yet. Having a website which provides another outlet to sell my book, plus a place where I can write seems the perfect solution.

Surprisingly, there are many websites written about life in Turkey written by foreign women who chronicle their experiences of having married a Turkish man, adapting to village life and the day to day struggles they face. Not wanting to duplicate any of these, I have decided to focus on family, relationships, love and cultural differences, which also happen to be the main themes of my book, ‘Seeing the Truth’.

Writing a blog will be a new experience for me and I hope you will enjoy what I post. There will be a mix of thought provoking musings, humourous anecdotes, controversial articles and interesting information.
I love to hear from you too! I have set up a contact page where you can share your thoughts and comments. I look forward to hearing from you!